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  • As an experienced pool and Spa equipment manufacturer, we offer various related products such as pump, filter, air blower and heaters. Our products are widely used in swimming pools, Spa houses and massage houses. Not only do we provide one of hot tub, SPA and pool equipment and accessories, we can also offer a complete set of products to meet the needs of your swimming pools, Spa houses, etc.

    In addition, we also provide OEM service based on customer needs.

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  • DXD Swimming Pool & Spa Equipments Co., Ltd.

    Changzhou Sanding Electro-Motors & Appliances Co., Ltd.
  • Add:  Tangshu Village, Luoyang Town, Wujin District,
    Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
  • E-mail: dxd_pump@dxdwell.com
  • WeChat: DXD_Pump
  • Tel: +0086-13857431378

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